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You get all details on the properties matching your criteria. If you need more information, you can easily contact the seller via our platform.

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You get a property attorney for free who will help you through the process of buying your new home.


Current search agents on HomePal

Property type:
2,310,000 DKK
60 - 300m2
2 - 10
Dragør ...   +5 more
Property type:
3,020,000 DKK
110 - 300m2
4 - 10
Dragør villa
Property type:
5,020,000 DKK
121 - 192m2
DKK 0.000

* The average costs excluding land registration fees of buying home.

We help home buyers realizing their property dream easier and cheaper!

Our off-marker matching-platform enables home buyers to find properties meeting all their search criteria easy, fast and simple.

During your property search we help you with your needs. After you have found your dream property, our property attorney will advice you and help you through the entire buying process, free of charge for you.

With our strong buyer data base we are able to negotiate better prices on mortgages, insurances, craftsmen, moving companies and other suppliers, which we will pass on to our buyers.


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Create a buyer profile and a search agent

  • Enter your email address to create a buyer profile
  • Create a search agent by enter your search criteria

Matching, review and home inspection

  • Your search agent is matched with properties for sale, including those not public listed.
  • Review the property ad and other information about the matching properties.
  • On our platform you can speak with the seller to get more info and coordinate a home inspection.

Complete the home buying process

  • After the purchase price and terms are set, you can contact our property attorney on our platform to receive legal advice with your property purchase, free of charge for you.
  • You will receive legal help with the entire buying process, free of charge for you.

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