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HomePal is an online marketplace for properties that automatically and quickly matches buyers and sellers, who save thousands in the transaction.


Make the private property transaction more efficient and simple. To make it easier and cheaper to buy and sell homes.

Automatic matching

We use matching-technology known from among others the dating industry to match sellers with relevante buyers. This makes the property transaction easier.


We use the strength of online marketplaces to negotiate better prices on mortgages, insurances, attorneys etc. and pass it on to buyers and sellers.

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Revolution of the real estate market

We want to create a modern real estate market for home buyers and home sellers.

It is time for the real estate market for buyers and sellers to join the technological revolution as we have experienced with rental properties and banks.

The technological revolution has made products and services cheaper and simpler for consumers. It is our goal to do the same for home buyers and home sellers.

Help us revolutionize the real estate market for the benefits of buyers and sellers!

Sign up to our platform and we will help you make a better property transaction.

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