Sell your property safely and quickly, while saving thousands in realtor fees

  • Find potential buyers, easy and fast
  • No sale no pay-fee: DKK 7.499 incl. VAT
    * you only pay if you sell your property to a buyer on HomePal
  • Save DKK 70,000 compared to a traditional realtor

How HomePal differentiates from real estate agents and self-selling sites

Highest sales price

Avoid losing money by undervaluing your property.

Highest sales price

Set your asking price to the highest bidding buyer.

With HomePal, you can test different asking prices immediately, without risk and without costs.

Save thousands

Invest only a few minutes a day and save thousands of kroners.

Save thousands

Listing with an agent easily costs you DKK 80,000.

Spend only a few minutes a day with HomePal and pay only DKK 7,499 when you have a signed purchase agreement.

No risks

Put your property up for sale without risk.

No risks

We market your property only to matching buyers with an actual interest in your property.

No public marketing! We save your property from being “poisoned” with public sale time that can lead to price reductions.

Contact buyers

No more waiting! Contact your matching buyers immediately.

Contact buyers

You are immediately notified about matching buyers.

You can always contact matching buyers on the platform to ensure the sale.


All information available anytime.


You can see the search criteria of your matching buyers, allowing you to know what is important for your buyers.

You are always updated about the sales process giving you a peace of mind that it is moving forward.


Everything you need to sell your property here.


Manage and talk with your matching buyers from your own dashboard. Avoid unwarned buyer inquiries on phone, texts and e-mail.

Receive competitive offers on everything you need to complete your property sale.

Step by step

Simple and Safe


Create a seller profile and a property ad

  • Create a seller profile and a property ad
  • Create a property ad by enter your property details

Matching, contact and home showing

  • Your property ad is automatically matched with buyers in our data base. You are notified as soon as we find matching buyers.
  • Review the matching buyers’ search agents and contact the ones, you want to contact.
  • On our platform, you can speak with the buyers to answer inquiries and coordinate a home showing.

Complete the home selling process

  • After the purchase price and terms are set, you can contact our property attorney on our platform who can help with the paper work.
  • If you have questions, you can always contact us.


So, how much does this cost?

DKK 7,499 / incl. moms
    You only have to pay if you sell your property to a buyer on HomePal.
  • During the selling process, you will receive advices and guidances from us, for free of charge.

Do you have questions? We are ready to help you! Send us a message through our chat or call +45 72 733 222

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